Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Update: Address field completion works in KMail git master

Yesterday I was still in doubt if KDE bug #259949 (which prevents KMail from suggesting recipients while typing) was indeed fixed in Git. But as of now I can confirm that it works:

Screenshot showing KMail addressline completion working.
KMail addressee completion as to come in KDE 4.9

This screen shot was taken on my notebook today. The notebook's 32bits installation seems to be less fragile than the 64bits version that runs on my workstation. On the latter Akonadi still refuses to start.

From what I gather the data is produced by directly querying Nepomuk.

(Note: this posting appeared originally on tumblr on the April 25th.)

p.s. Fedora updated KDE to 4.8.2 which also fixed the bug.

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