Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A blog for a convalescent coder

For years now I have been in the educational and scientific business but soon this will change. I am going to be a software developer again, which is the most satisfying profession I can image. The book legging and memorizing of those years left little time for modelling and coding, so it it high time to give those skills a new edge. This blog is about this learning experience.
So what is to expect here? I like free and open-source software. This is what I use, this is what I intend to make. This almost implies that you will read about Linux here and everything that is needed to develop software in a Linux environment. My immediate goal is to become familiar with KDE software development, maybe by starting to fix a few bugs or so. The second field I am eager to explore is mobile computing. I am going to start with Android apps. But cross-plattform development is what really tempts me. It also touches my field of research, which is the is the highly philosophical and not much thought about concept of—re-use! So expect to get your share on this one too.
One more thing. The English language is not my native tongue as you probably already guessed. Do not hesitate to point out my mistakes!
And now…

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