Friday, August 10, 2012

Showing Delicious booksmarks in a Blogger widget

I just added a widget to this blog which shows my recent Delicious bookmarks. My first thought was to look for a dedicated Delicious widget, but there seems to be none in Blogger's widget library. Google search lists a few rather dated do-it-yourself articles. They all stem from a time before the «new» Delicious. That is why I did not even attempt them. It is much easier to show the bookmarks with the off-the-shelf RSS-widget.

There was as slight problem however. I mark all the bookmarks relating to the topic of this blog with a «The Convalescent Coder» tag. I could not see a direct way to show the URL for just this restricted RSS-feed. The obvious appoach seemed to be to take the browsing URL which was «» and insert «v2/rss» just before the user-name. Surprisingly this produced an empty feed—but only for tags that contain spaces. Some unsuccessful web-searches later, I simply tried to replace the dashes by escaped spaces, and—it worked. For instance, the RSS feed for my bookmarks tagged «The Convalescent Coder» is «».

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